The Worst Flood Catastrophe Ever Recorded Hits Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Worst Flood Catastrophe Ever Recorded Hits Bosnia and Herzegovina

Urgent Appeal for Help


State of Emergency has been declared for large parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina on May 15th due to the most catastrophic flooding disaster ever to hit the Balkans.  Since then, the catastrophe has only become more dire due to continuing rain, overflowing river banks, massive landslides, acti1vation of mine fields, lack of electricity, clean water and food.  Tens of thousands of people have fled their homes with nothing; they are left homeless and lack basic things like blankets, rain boots and diapers.  The disaster has already claimed lives.  Complete cities and villages are under water.  Landslides have claimed entire neighborhoods.  Many people in the affected rural areas are left without livelihood.

While there is an immediate and urgent need for help the relief effort will have to continue well after the rain has stopped and the rivers have subsided.

This appeal for help goes out to all people of good will to help in the immediate and the long term relief efforts.


The funds collected here will be directly sent and used for flood relief purposes in Bosnia and Herzegovina  and will not be used for any other intent.  The Bosnian- Herzegovian Islamic Centar of New York has a long standing and established portals for securely sending emergency relief and will make sure that the relief funds are used in the best possible way and that they reach the most in need victims of flooding. The Bosnian- Herzegovian Islamic Centar does not discriminate in its extension of help on basses of religion or nationality.



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contributed by: Belma Pobric